Film with a pre-stretch of up to 200%

5-layer coextruded film with guaranteed 150% elongation (23µm).

The film is extremely ductile and is suitable for any type of industrial packaging.

Available in the following versions


5-layer coextruded film with guaranteed 200% elongation (23µm).

A film ideal for applications on automatic and semi-automatic machines.

High performance film with a pre-stretch of 250% to 350%

5-layer coextruded film with guaranteed 250% elongation (23µm).

The film is suitable for use on automatic machines, even in low thicknesses, and guarantees a good clamping capacity, even on pallets with uneven loads.

5-layer coextruded film with guaranteed 300% elongation (23µm).

The film has a high puncture resistance, excellent mechanical properties and can be used on automatic machines.

5-layer coextruded film with guaranteed 330% elongation (23µm).

This film guarantees excellent application properties, even for use on orbital machines. A film with excellent transparency.

Special Films

A cutting-edge, innovative and high-performance film.

It has excellent elongation, exceptional mechanical properties, and a strong clamping force. It is an environmentally friendly solution that provides for a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Ideal for machines with pre-stretch units.

FA film with high puncture resistance, even in low thicknesses.

A film with excellent physical and mechanical properties that guarantees a pre-stretch of up to 80%. Ideal for semi-automatic machines, machines without pre-stretch units, or manual use.

A film with great clamping force, even in low thicknesses, which guarantees excellent load stability.

Pre-stretch up to 30%. Ideal for manual use or on machines without pre-stretch units.

A film mainly intended for manual use, even available for automatic use.

This film offers excellent stiffness and clamping capacity, even in low thicknesses (from 6 to 12µm).